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Download our Tidy Up song

Bear CafE Menu

Please order at least 30 minutes before the end of your session time. 

Please ask at the counter for our gluten free and dairy free menus.


Brunch Adult / Mini
Cheesy beans on toast £4.00
Smashed avocado and chilli on a toasted roll£4.00
Bacon or sausage bap£3.75
Bacon and sausage bap£4.25
*Gluten free bread available upon request
Served with crisps and salad:
Cheese £5.00
Brie and cranberry£5.00
Caramelised onion and cheddar£5.00
Tuna melt£5.00
Sausage, apple chutney and cheddar£5.00
Mozarella, pesto and tomato£5.00
cubs menu
Mini cheesy beans on toast£2.50
1 slice of toast with jam or honey£1.00
Tomato soup and toast fingers£2.50
Mac n cheese £3.50
Bear Town lunch bag
Pick 1 sandwich (1/2) ham or cheese or sausage roll£4.50
Pick 2 snacks from yoghurt, jelly, Pom Bears, Burts crisps or fresh fruit
Pick 1 drink  water or mini apple juice
Cakes and treats
Cream tea for one - one scone, clotted cream, strawberry jame & a mug of tea£4.25
Cream tea for two - two scones, clotted cream, strawberry jame & two mugs of tea£6.50
Toasted teacake£2.00
Please see our counter got todays cake and treat selection
Soup and a roll
Organic Italian tomato£4.25
Lentil and spinach dahl£4.25